Andrei D. Caraman

I am reachable by email at I am not afraid of spam and address harvesting robots, because I use MailScanner :)
(But please don't send me word and powerpoint attachments.)

  • Unix systems administrator
  • Graduate of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest (class of '96).
  • Graduate of the CNSS (Liceul Sf. Sava, aka Nicolae Balcescu). 12E of 1990.
  • Scoala Generala nr. 24 (1981-1986) - 8B.
  • Scoala Generala nr. 1 (1978-1981).
Born in Romania in 1972. Moved to Canada in 2001.

Other stuff

Video recording of ``Escu'' (Teatrul Majestic, 2006).

My Orange Key is 35617927S1. If you open an ING Direct account with a minimum $100 initial deposit and quote this orange key, both you and I get a $25 referal bonus.

Last updated: 2010/06/11