Andrei's preferred system

Last updated: Sunday, 30-Jan-2022 14:33:54 EST

Mostly SA-YC:


  • Natural, 5 card Majors, opening may be light in third seat (with reversed Drury).
  • Strong 1NT (15-17 hcp) w/ Stayman and transfers (optionally including to minors: 2S for clubs, 2N for diamonds)
  • Checkback Stayman (aka Roudi)
  • Weak two's (2D/H/S) with Ogust.
  • 2C is strong (23+ HCP...) with natural responses
  • Gambling 3NT (w/o exterior stoppers)
  • Splinters, control-showing CBs
  • Gerber (after NT)
  • Roman KeyCard Blackwood (with 30 - 14 - 2 with Q - 2 w/o Q responses)
  • 4th suit forcing
  • raises are preemptive rather than inviting (see The Law)


  • Bergen raises
  • Super-accepts on NT transfers
  • Support X/XX.
  • 2-way drury (2C with 3 cards, 2D with 4 cards)


  • DONT over opps' NT opening
  • negative doubles up to 3S
  • Unusual 1NT/2NT (showing the lowest two remaining suits)
  • Michaels CB (showing the highest remaining suit plus another one)
  • jump-shifts promise fit (see The Law) and the respective suit.


  • A from AK asks for preference, K from AK asks for card count
  • Up-low from dblton in pd's suit
  • Low from under a honor in 3 in pd's suit
  • m-u-d from 3 small cards against suit, top of nothing against NT
  • Top honour from a sequence


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Reversed Drury continuations: (after 1M opening in 3rd or 4th seat)

Checkback Stayman: (after 1x - 1M - 1NT, 2C from responder asks opener to describe hand as follows)

Ogust continuations: (after weak 2X opening, 2N is Ogust relay and responder describes his hand as follows)

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Bergen raises: (after a 1M opening)

2N is regular
Jacoby. More on Bergen raises.